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@ Profile
@ CMC light commits to provide lighting fixtures and service to the highest standard of quality. We supply quality products with competitive prices and consistly high standards of customer service.
We offer total solution from planning, sourcing, engineering design, tooling, Manufacturing to final product delivery.
@ Customers
@ CMC Lighting fundamental challenge is to deliver quality service which benefits our customers - the lighting specialists, architects, wholesalers, and end users.
@ From planning to sourcing, CMC Lighting collaborates with many high quality associated manufacturers to provide appropriate and competitive lighting solutions.
Proven by the fact that we have steady growth each year, our comprehensive service has been highly praised by our customers.
Technical Support
@ CMC Lighting is not only a sourcing of light fittings, but also offers total solutions from the design to manufacture of special fixtures and components.
  CMC Lighting associates with 90% of ISO9001 manufacturers, which guarantee our quality of services to satisfy national and international standards.
@ With strong transportation network, proficient procurement, experienced production, and competent logistic control, timely delivery is warranty.
Our reliable delivery definitely reduces your cost and maximizes your competitive edge

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